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In addition to being unsightly, a dog scooting across the carpet or grass is usually a sign that there’s a health-related issue, such as anal gland overload. Increasing fiber in your pet’s diet to support fecal volume is one way to address this. Scoot Bars contain three sources of fiber, including digestion resistant maltodextrin to improve fecal volume, pumpkin powder, and Larch tree extract. Larch tree extract also enhances the growth of friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive tract, which provides the additional benefits of immune and colon health.
Scoot Bars are a natural alternative to canned pumpkin and is easy for your pet to digest. Finding fiber that is gentle on your dog’s GI tract is important when adding fiber to a daily diet. Stop the scoot and save your rug with these delicious chewy bars that your dog will love!

  • Scoot Bars are a natural fiber supplement designed to support fecal volume and healthy anal gland function.
  • Scoot Bars are great tasting, easy for pets to digest and more gentle on the digestive system than many other fiber products.
  • Scoot Bars include Larch Tree Extract, which has been shown to support the immune system as well promoting beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. This bacteria can help manage smelly fecal matter.
  • The active ingredients in Scoot Bars are a proprietary pumpkin blend that includes Pumpkin Powder, Maltodextrin and Larch Tree Extract.


Proprietary Pumpkin Blend

2800 mg

(larch tree extract, digestion resistant maltodextrin and

pumpkin powder)

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